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To Your Greatest Fantasy!

2011 Event Dates!

April 8-10: VA- Murshank City State Event, Prince William Forest Park (Camp 5). Triangle, VA

April 15-17: NC - Ebon Oasis City State Event, Umstead State Park, Camp Crabtree. Raleigh, NC

Game News

April 1-3: That's right, Avalon with be at DC's Second Annual synDCon II, presented by The Gamers' Syndicate, LLC. synDCon is the Washington DC area’s newest and largest gaming convention, so stop by our booth and see the adventure that awaits you!

Handbook Art: We are accepting submissions for original, finished (not pencil, detailed backgrounds) art for the Race Handbooks. Send Submissions with your full OOC name to artsubmission@avalonlarp.com ~ Updated- March 7, 2011

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