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  1. Ebon Oasis Finale Event

    A lot of things did happen there. Alana did talk to a group of mud people that apparently lasts for 24 cycles, try to fight off a goblin that threw chickens that were mean. She did earn her stay by washing the breakfast and lunch dishes. A council was performed to inform people of the going ons of the whole town and the stuff around it. Around the middle of it a large man sauntered in wondering what kind of party the town was having. Then he had told everyone there a great story of how Spider had ...
  2. questions about bloging in Avalon LARP

    can the blogs be about anything random or do they have to be with in a theme?

    I believe pain breeds wolves,
    And joys give rise to moons.
    We grow forests ,
    in our bones ,
    so our memories,
    canít find us.
    I believe we,
    hide and haunt,

    And there were always those
    Nights when she preferred
    The rain over people. Because
    The rain would remind her of
    how she should feel and people
    would remind her of the things
    she always wanted to ...
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  4. Is it time yet?

    It is nearing the solstice. The air is getting colder so my normal attire wont be enough for the coming weather. I have been out exploring the world for at least three moons now and I still don't even know what I'm searching for. Who I am searching for. The other's, the ones in the oasis, they look right through me. I make not a sound and my presence goes unknown to all except the Totem Touched and a few of the Kuranin and Wynlyn. I have been with them for near three moons already, adventuring ...
  5. Happy Autumn from the BoD, with a few updates!

    Happy autumn!!

    Now that the furlough madness has passed, and we are all off kilter from the time change-- here are some updates so everyone is in the loop. As always, if you'd like an update on something please contact me and I can try to make that happen

    "Give Thanks" food drive is underway-- in support of BSA Crew 1433's food drive, Avalon LARP is giving discounts to those who bring nonperishable (non-expired!) items to Check In for each event during ...
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