• Happy Autumn from the BoD, with a few updates!

      Happy autumn!!

      Now that the furlough madness has passed, and we are all off kilter from the time change-- here are some updates so everyone is in the loop. As always, if you'd like an update on something please contact me and I can try to make that happen

      "Give Thanks" food drive is underway-- in support of BSA Crew 1433's food drive, Avalon LARP is giving discounts to those who bring nonperishable (non-expired!) items to Check In for each event during the month of November. More details can be found on their Events' Facebook Pages, or by contacting their Game Masters (the leaders of each chapter).

      For Virginia News-- we were all feeling the loss as Prince William Forest Park was furloughed/closed out from under us, thus being unable to host our All Hallows Eve event... we did try to get other campgrounds but being their busiest month, none were available that did not force us to share with other groups (like cub scouts). This aside, the Staff have been busy planning for a fun November Event and may throw in a few surprises! Meanwhile, the Murshank Chapter has also announced the incoming transition of their new Game Master-- congratulations Chi Tea (Scott)!! We will all do everything we can to support you and your Co-AGMs Vanilla Ice (AJ) and Digicul (Dave) during this transitional period. Let us know if you need anything from us!

      For North Carolina News-- The Ebon Oasis Chapter has announced the end of their renting Umstead State Park due to their expectations of extremely strict quiet hours, their locking the gates at night so no one can exit/enter, their inconvenient monthly registration process and extra paperwork, and their dislike of LARPs (wrapping all LARPs together in the proverbial "LARP" bucket of non-preferred customers). If you have other cabin camping locations you would like to recommend, please contact Inigo Montoya (Colleen). Meanwhile, they are happily renting Singletary State Park all year long instead of only during the winter.

      The Skills Updates are moving along well, under the charge of Cthulhu (Charlie) and many other players who have been helping. His last update post can be found here. We are moving some skills to be questable-- Karn, Nexus, and Void will likely be questable once the new system is underway. Playtests for version 1 have been completed in Virginia and in North Carolina, and we should be seeing the fruits of those labors soon. As you can guess, every edit has a domino effect... you change 1 thing and you have 10 other things to consider (other Martial Art trees, Talents, Abilities, Evos, Tags, etc.)

      Meanwhile, the Crafting system has been simplified a bit to remove the middle layer and make it less costly to create items in game play (hopefully now making it less costly to make than to purchase!). As always, if you farm for the ingredients, you will make a better profit-- so work together with your local farmers, prospectors, etc. to find what you need Recipes are awaiting the finality of the Skills Changes so they match, but there is a system in place meanwhile so have fun! Remember-- different chapters may allow production/crafting at different times; inquire upon Check In if you are unsure.

      The online database for Character Sheets is 90% complete (pre-skills change). The goal is for you to be able to log into your forum profile and be able to pull up your Character Sheet online as a refresher of what stats and traits you have, so you can get re-acquainted before the Event. We also hope to have the functionality of you being able to update your Character yourself after you level up. Leveling up still depends on the Event Spreadsheet making it back to the Database Coordinator, so if your stats do not show accurately-- check to make sure that you were on the attendance sheet! Also, any who ditch without cleaning get docked 1/2 of the Experience Points for that event, so keep that in mind we're populating the Events on the "Calendar" feature of this website, for easy access and for those who do not utilize the Avalon Facebook site that hosts most updates.

      Don't forget to check the "Downloads" forum often, for more helpful information. The Game Book, Skills, Talents, Helpful Video Links, etc. are all hosted on this forum!

      Last but not least-- please make sure you attend Opening Ceremonies of each Event you attend. Any Updates, Playtests, Environment Descriptions to take into game play, etc. are announced and we want to make sure you are set up for success as you enter game play!

      Thank you to all who have helped make this game a family to be thankful for,
      Dawn (aka Smurfette or Yodette)
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